Picnic by the fjord

Lately life has been a bit crazy. I feel like my most used scentence is “I’m too pregnant for this shit”. I love my kid and I’m really looking forward to this baby but I am absolutely rubbish at being pregnant. I’ve been unfortune enough to have 2 pregnancies with Hyperemises Gravidarum wich is extreme pregnancy nausea, with my son I stopped puking in week 36 and this time I’m currently week 26 and waiting for it to subside.

I’ve had a really rough month so I’ve been sleeping away msot of it and just spent my time while awake with my son. I feel so behind on all projects and stress is one of my biggest triggers for nausea so it’s been a bad circle. Thankfully I seem to have broken it or I’m atleast having a better time right now.

Today was actually a pretty good day. I decided that since my dizzyness was minimal and I wasn’t vomiting I’d treat mini me to a picnic by the fjord.

He loved the hot chocolate and oreos wich is a rare treat. But I think he enjoyed being allowed to explore a new place more.

We were both pretty tired when we got back home, me from being the kind of person that overextends myself to make up for lost time and him from running all over the place exploring. Miraculously the both of us managed to stay awake until bed time.

He fell asleep leaning against my leg cuddling with the tummy. I miss when he wanted to lay in my arms cuddling but he’s getting big so this newfound independence is probably better for my back. He looks so precious when he’s sleeping. I hope I’ll look half as peaceful when i go to bed in a little while.

7 thoughts on “Picnic by the fjord

    1. I think the both of us had a really good day. He was completely beat and slept so much like a log that he didn’t even wake up when I changed his diaper and put him in his pyjamas ๐Ÿ˜‚. And yeah he’s so cute I just let him sleep like that for a while I dont even think he noticed the baby kicking him.

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